Welcome to the first ever
Child'Space training in Sweden
Professional Training Program

Become a qualified Child'Space Practitioner

Join us on a deeply transformative journey using your own body & hands-on experience with babies to learn about developmental movement in infants and how to enrich it.
We are now registering interest for first ever Child'Space training in Sweden, led by Dr Chava Shelhav and Ortal Goldshmid.

The training consists of 50 days tuition divided into modules spread out over 18 months, both online and in person.
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Listen to Child'Space® trainer, Feldenkrais® practitioner & Co-Educational Director Ortal Goldshmid's inspiring words about the Child'Space Method & her own journey with it in the video above, or read more about the method here.
Said about Ortal Goldshmid's teaching:

... The learning is at a high standard and the wonderful atmosphere supports each and every student. - Doreen Bassiner, Senior Feldenkrais & Child'Space practitioner​

The workshop deepened my understanding of the Child’Space method and will help me draw parents into the sessions. - Lilo Fromm, Senior Feldenkrais and Child’Space practitioner
Said about Lena Brännström's teaching:

... Lena has been training Viggo almost from birth and until 3 years old and we are very grateful for her input in his motorical development. Child'Space is my absolute favourite method of physical rehabilitation. I can only recommend this education, a unique chance to learn and get certified in Sweden. - Oxana Lundström

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