The training program

Child'Space Sweden
Professional Training Program

Build competence to work with babies and their caregivers. You will train to give individual lessons, where you work with one infant and their primary caregivers; and guide group sessions, where several babies and their caregivers participate.

After graduation you can assume a role as a developmental movement specialist and parents’ educator within an agency or a private practice.

During the training program you will…

- Practice and develop hands-on skills by enriching your vocabulary of touch.

- Learn to apply various communication paths through all sensory channels.

- Develop your own awareness.

- Develop vocabulary and repertoire of communication and play.

- Learn the theoretical scientific basis of infant development.

- Widen the movement repertoire at each developmental stage to adapt it to changing needs.

- Gain personal experience of milestones and transitions through 50 lessons of developmental movement exploration (DME) that were specifically developed by Dr. Chava Shelhav to enable future practitioners to learn by experience. Its uniqueness lies in combining both practical and theoretical elements.

- You will deepen your knowledge of infant development.

- You will build a repertoire of interactions with babies and parents.

- You will gain a deeper understanding of the mechanism of movement in early stages.

- Learn to identify, analyze and treat these in terms of movement difficulties, orientation, balance and social interactions.

- Learn the specifics of the way that parents and babies co-regulate.

Ways of learning in this training include Movement lessons, hands-on experience, supervision time, demonstrations, lectures, and independent home study. This includes watching and analyzing videos in between the segments as well as delivering group presentations throughout the course of the training.

This training is for you…

If you are a professional in the field of education, movement, alternative medicine, therapy, or work in an unrelated profession but wish to start a career in this rewarding and innovative field.

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