co-Educational director & main trainer

Ortal Goldshmid

Ortal Goldshmid is a Child’Space trainer, a Feldenkrais practitioner, and holds a Bachelor degree of Social Work from Tel Aviv university. She is the head director and main trainer of the Israeli Child’Space training program, the main trainer in the Vienna training program and co-educational director with Dr. Chava Shelhav.

Ortal has been mentored by Dr. Chava Shelhav since 2004. She has been part of the Child’Space educational team since 2010, teaching in Austria, Argentina, Norway and Israel.

Ortal has gained vast clinical experience, working with babies with various neurological, motor and sensory challenges at private and public health care centers in Israel. She has co-developed an approach for guiding groups of babies and parents, for practitioners who wish to implement the Child’Space method in group-work.

To contact Ortal personally about Child'Space or Feldenkrais sessions, or for more information about the methods or any of the Child'Space training programs worldwide, visit her website and reach out.